PCB Designing  Laser Check Plots  Laser Photo Plotting  PCB Fabrication
PCB Design below are a number of guildline rules to follow and keep in mind when designing PCBs upto 16 Layer.
Checkplots generated directly from the gerber datafiles used for board artwork insuring that in consistencies between the design-database and the gerber output will be clearly visible.
We have in house photo plotting which offers unlimited apertures size and reduced plotting time. We use high stability imported 7 Mili film for photo plotting.
Building a prototype of a circuit board helps to understand and analyze potential problems and devise solutions for them.
 Gerber Editing  Membrane Keypad  Other Services  Customize PCB
We have the facilities to preview & edit the gerber format files. You need not to go for redesign or modify the saved design layout just because of minor changes.
Membrane Switch is fastly outdating the present type of the electronic switches i.e. micro switch, push button switches, silicon rubber keypads etc.
STD PCO Motherboard Cards, Power Supply Booth Display, Keypad, PCB, Local Call Meter, Mother Board & Display Cards are all time available.
We also do customise pcb designing, fabrication and custom consulting in bulk. Please click here for more details and submit your query with us

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