Membrane Keypad
Membrane Switch :
Membrane Switch
       Membrane switch is fastly outdating the present type of the electronic switches i.e. micro switch, push button switches, silicon rubber keypads etc. It is gaining widespread popularity and use because of its various characteristics. It is dust-proof, humidity proof, heat proof (can work even at 100 °C and -10 °C). This is so because the membrane switches are completely sealed and polyester sheets are used to manufacture the membrane switches. Polyester sheets has the softening temperature of 125 °C and melting temperature of 250 °C. Membrane switches have contact life of more than 5 million contacts for non-tactile and more than 2 million contacts for the tactile type. It also ensures minimum mechanical movement, which means minimum chances of switch failure. Having outstanding appearance it is economical too.
Classification Tactile Membrane Switch :

Tactile are those having the positive sensation of the key pressing. They give a good physical and audible feedback of the pressing of the key. They have contact life of more than 2 million contacts. The tactile points generate the tactile effects. The switch is a custom, tactile array of normally open single pole single throw (SPST) switches. The design employs individual tactile point for both tactile feedback and electrical contact. Pressure applied to the top layer partially inverts the tactile point to complete the circuit. Tactile points provide consistent electrical and mechanical operation in applications requiring low current momentary tactile switches.

Non Tactile Membrane Switch :

These do not have any sensation of the key pressing. They have contact life of more than 5 million contacts. These are also known as the feather touch membrane switches and micromotion membrane switches. The switches are custom, non tactile array of normally open single pole single throw (SPST). The design consists of a top and bottom circuit, an insulation spacer and an optional graphic overlay.

Membrane Keypad :

SMD Circuits is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of membrane keypad in India. The organization also exports premium quality highly durable membrane switch, Membrane Keypad keyboard overlays, control panel overlays, key board and labels for electronic industry. SMD Circuits manufactures membrane keypad to provide absolute reliability, even in the most hostile operating environments. All materials for membrane keypads are obtained from leading manufacturers including Autotype International, GE Plastics and 3M. They are carefully selected for each application to provide the required specification, which may include scratch or chemical resistance, flexibility or low cost. We have both tactile and non-tactile systems are available for membrane keypads, using silver or carbon tracking and utilising the latest polyester or PCB technology. Selective UV finishes together with insertable legend systems can be incorporated to provide maximum adaptability in membrane key pad. The assembly is completed in a clean room environment and can incorporate a variety of sub panel materials including aluminium, plastic and stainless steel. To ensure customer satisfaction, specialised equipment is utilised to fully test every membrane keypad.

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